DMIA Depot Visit

13 November 2021
DMIA Serendah Depot

DMIA Depot Visit - 13 November 2021

DMIA Depot Visit

On this day, 14 members from MTREC participated in a group visit to DMIA Serendah Depot to learn more about the function & features of multiple engineering trains and machineries which are used to carry out trackwork projects.

After all the participants arrived, our visit begins with a safety briefing at the site office by Encik Prabagaran Muniandy, the head of safety. Then a welcome speech is given by Dato Ir Zohari Sulaiman, the Chief Technical Operation at DMIA followed by a playback of DMIA corporate video.

After that, participants are invited on a loco ride around the depot hauled by an YDM4. The depot area situated parallel to KTMB's network measures about 2km in length from end to end and it allows DMIA to transport materials from depot to work site conveniently.

After the loco ride, participants had a light refreshment prepared by DMIA. During the discussion session, participants are briefed through the process and challenges faced on the KVDT project.

Then, we were lead to the locomotive workshop to see how the locomotive are maintained. DMIA also showed our participants the process of starting and shutting down a diesel locomotive.

Lastly, our visit ended with a closing ceremony. All the participants received a souvenir from DMIA. In return, a token of appreciation is given to DMIA to show our appreciation for hosting our visit. Once again we would like to thank DMIA and all the staff involved in the visit.

This educational visit to DMIA Serendah Depot shows a success in our group and we are looking forward to organise more events in the future. Do join our group for updates at

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