ERL Salak Tinggi Depot Visit

21 June 2022
ERL Salak Tinggi Depot

ERL Salak Tinggi Depot Visit - 21 June 2022

ERL Salak Tinggi Depot Visit

On this day, 13 members from MTREC participated in a group visit to ERL Salak Tinggi Depot to learn more about the daily commercial operation and maintenance process for the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit trains.

To kick start, we were welcome by the CEO of ERL Maintenance Support Sdn Bhd, Mr Thomas Baake at KLIA Transit Counter in KL Sentral. Our visit begins with a complimentary train ride on the Siemens Desiro ET425M from KL Sentral to Salak Tinggi.

Upon arrival at Salak Tinggi, we were taken to the depot by a special train from the station to the stabling yard. Then, we were led to the administration building in the depot for a presentation on E-MAS operation and maintenance activities with a Q&A session, where we next paid a visit to the Operation Control Centre.

Then after, we were given a walkabout at the rolling stock workshop where the train undergoes light, heavy, preventive, corrective maintenance as well as overhaul process to ensure the train is working in a safe manner. There is also a testing bench where components like doors and wheels are examined before fitting onto the train.

We were then taken to the train wash, which is the depot's 7th facility, where we were able to observe the train wash in operation. There are two equipment, one from Kärcher and the other from Britannia. To further explains how it works, a preview was conducted.

Lastly, our visit ended with a train ride from Salak Tinggi to KL Sentral accompanied by Mr Thomas. All the participants received a small gift from ERL. To express our gratitude to ERL for hosting our visit, a token of appreciation was offered in return as a memento. We want to express our gratitude to KLIA Ekspres and all of the visitors' personnel once more.

This educational visit to ERL Salak Tinggi Depot shows success in our group and we are looking forward to organising more events in the future to promote the use of the rail system. Do join our group for updates at

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