KTM Komuter Utara Ipoh Extension

16 September 2023
KTM Ipoh Station

KTM Komuter Utara Ipoh Extension - 16 Sep 2023

First Day Joyride

Today marks the first day operation for the KTM Komuter Utara Extension from Padang Rengas to Ipoh. Nine members from different states gathered for a joyride to celebrate this extension of the Komuter Utara service.

KTM Komuter Utara was introduced on 11 September 2015, with services from Gurun to Kamunting via Butterworth following the completion of Ipoh - Padang Besar double-track project. Now Komuter Utara already has 2 independant lines both terminating at Butterworth.

Participants gathered at Ipoh KTM station around 08:00 to catch Komuter No. 2906 scheduled for departure at 08:55. Before departing from Ipoh station, participants took the opportunity to selfie with the Komuter train, and a group photo was taken. Our 2 hour journey towards Butterworth began with a ride onboard Class 83 Hyundai Precision EMU.

During our journey, participants exchanged ideas and discussed everything railway related. We also documented this unforgettable joyride especially when passing through places of interest such as the Bukit Berapit Tunnel and Bukit Merah Lake. Some creative members even designed their own Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) to mimic the real-time information onboard the train.

Upon our on time arrival at Butterworth station, participants had free activity time before our return journey. Finally, our joyride concluded back at Ipoh station. It was a fun and tiring day for all our participants, and the joyride left us eager for more adventures! Congratulations to KTM Berhad for bringing the affordable KTM Komuter service to Ipoh.

This joyride event on the KTM Komuter Utara Ipoh Extension marks the first intercity trip for our group and it shows a success in our group to promote the use of KTM Komuter Utara in the northern sector. We are looking forward to organising more events in the future to promote the use of our rail system in Malaysia. Do join our group for updates at https://www.facebook.com/groups/mtrec

Our group photos and selfies

Activity photos