MRT Sungai Buloh Depot Visit

17 March 2021
Sungai Buloh MRT Depot

MRT Sungai Buloh Depot Visit - 17 March 2021

MRT Sungai Buloh Depot Visit

On this day, 12 selected members from Malaysia Trains & Rail Enthusiasts Community (MTREC) are given a chance to visit the depot of MRT Kajang Line to understand how the trains are operated throughout the system.

When all the participants arrived, they are given a safety briefing before the depot tour. An in depth introduction to the MRT Kajang Line which was given by the Head of Operations, Mr. Syafiq includes the technical aspects on the operations and maintenance are explained to further increased the knowledge of the participants.

Then the participants are given a chance to look at the Operation Control Center of the MRT Kajang Line before heading to the Electric Train Workshop. The workshop also known as Rolling Stock Maintenance Office (RSMO) carries out all sorts of maintenance including preventive, light, and heavy maintenance.

Besides that, participants are also invited to board the train in the workshop. Onboard the train, the usage and the functions of the manual driving panel is explained. The emergency features onboard the train are demonstrated to show how they works.

Lastly, the visit ended with a meal in the depot prepared by RapidRail. A token of appreciation is given to RapidRail and MRT Kajang Line to show our appreciation for hosting our visit. Once again we would like to thank RapidKL and all the staff who involves in the visit today.

This educational trip to MRT Kajang Line shows an success in our group and we are looking forward to organise more trips in the future. Do join our group for updates at

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